Athletic Staff

Garlan Fletcher

Garlan Fletcher was a THREE SPORT DIVISION I ATHLETE during his collegiate years. He wrestled, played soccer and also football for Cornell University. While getting his BS in Applied Economics Business Management, Fletcher put himself in rare company by becoming a 3 sport DI athlete. The discipline and work ethic he learned during his time in the US Marine’s Officer Candidate School helped propelled him to his athletic and academic success.

Garlan played sweeper for the men’s soccer team, was a national qualifier for wrestling (2001) and also played fullback for the men’s football team. He has managed one of the premier gyms franchises in the country (Gold Gym) in Webster, NY and also owns a private training studio called “Make the Choice” where he educated young athletes and body builders. Fletcher’s time as an employee of GNC gave him a working knowledge of health, wellness and GNC products and allowed customers to improve their quality of life by educating them on general nutritional needs. As a personal trainer at Courtside Racquet and Fitness Club, he supplied clients with educational fitness programs, including workouts, and nutritional guidelines for better well-being.